Steel Plastic Gear Rack for Sliding Gate


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Steel Plastic Gear Rack for Sliding Gate

The Steel Plastic Gear Rack for Sliding Gate is a versatile and durable gear rack suitable for various applications, such as motor, machinery, agricultural machinery, and more. It features a hardened tooth surface for enhanced durability and a sintered gear manufacturing method. The toothed portion shape can be either spur, helical, or bevel. The material options include steel, plastic, and 42CrMo. It is a type of spur gear.

Samples are available for purchase at a cost of US$1 per piece with a minimum order quantity of 1 piece. Customization options are also available.

Product Description

The Steel Plastic Gear Rack for Sliding Gate, also known as a spur gear, bevel gear, helical gear, or worm gear, is made from steel, stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum. It is designed with different bore types, such as pilot bore or finished bore with a keyway. The surface treatment options include blacking or polished.

This gear rack is widely used in various industries, including mining, metallurgical, cement, chemicals, construction, building materials, electric power, telecommunications, textiles, and transportation. It finds applications in conveyor systems, pumps, fans, excavators, cranes, and various other equipment.

Main Products:
1. Timing Belt Pulley (Synchronous Pulley), Timing Bar, Clamping Plate
2. Forging, Casting, Stamping Part
3. V Belt Pulley and Taper Lock Bush; Sprocket, Idler and Plate Wheel; Spur Gear, Bevel Gear, Rack
4. Shaft Locking Device: alternative for Ringfeder, Sati, Chiaravalli, Tollok, etc.
5. Shaft Coupling: including Miniature couplings, Curved tooth coupling, Chain coupling, HRC coupling, Normex coupling, Type coupling, GE Coupling, torque limiter, Universal Joint
6. Shaft Collars: including Setscrew Type, Single Split and Double Splits
7. Gear & Rack: Spur gear/rack, bevel gear, helical gear/rack
8. Other customized Machining Parts according to drawings (OEM)

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All the products can be packed in cartons or pallets. The products can be shipped via land, air, or sea transportation. Various shipping services like UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx, and EMS are supported.

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