Professional Manufacture Black Nylon Plastic Gear Rack


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Professional Manufacture Black Nylon Plastic Gear Rack

The Professional Manufacture Black Nylon Plastic Gear Rack is widely used in machinery and agricultural machinery. It has a soft tooth surface and is designed as an external gear.

The gear rack is made of high-quality black nylon material and features a steel core for added strength and durability. It is specifically designed for sliding gates, providing smooth and reliable movement. The gear rack is available in two options: 4 eyes (light type) and 6 eyes (heavy type), each with a screw set included.

In addition to the gear rack, we also offer a wide range of steel gear racks for sliding doors in various sizes. These gear racks are made of high-quality steel and come in different dimensions to suit different requirements.

Our gear racks are produced as per DIN standards using CNC machines, ensuring high precision and quality. The pressure angle is 20°/14.5°, and the module ranges from M0.4 to M36/DP1 to DP25. The maximum length of the rack is 3500mm.

The gear racks are widely used in various industries, including automatic doors, window openers, engraving machines, lifters, escalators, automated warehousing, food machinery, power tools, machine tools, precision transmission, and more.

We export our gear racks in large quantities to Europe, America, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, and other countries. We offer both standard gear racks and customized gear racks based on your drawings or samples. Our gear racks are produced using CNC machines for accurate and precise manufacturing.

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