Plastic Gear CNC Machined Plastic Star Wheel Plastic Carbon Gear


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Plastic Gear CNC Machined Plastic Star Wheel Plastic Carbon Gear

This product is a plastic gear that is CNC machined and can be made into a star wheel or a carbon gear. It has various applications in industries such as motors, electric cars, motorcycles, machinery, marine, toys, agricultural machinery, and cars. The gear has a soft tooth surface and is designed as an external gear. The manufacturing method used is cut gear and the toothed portion shape is a spur gear. The material used for this gear is plastic.

Samples of this product are available for purchase at a price of US$1.00 per piece, with a minimum order quantity of 1 piece. Customization options are also available.

Product Description

– Product Name: Custom Plastic Carbon Gear
– Working Process: Turning, deep stamping, bending, punching, threading, welding, tapping, riveting
– Material: Black derlin, POM, Aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, steel, iron, alloy, zinc, etc.
– Finish: Polishing, Anodize, Sanding, Powder coating, Vacuum Plating, Nickel, Zinc, Tin, Silver plating, etc.
– Tolerance: ±0.0002in, ±0.0051mm
– Packing: Inner-Plastic Bag, Outer -Standard Carton Box
– Main Markets: USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc.
– Usage: All kinds of cars, machinery, home appliances, electronic products, electric appliances, stationery, computers, power switches, miniature switches, architecture, commodity and A/V equipment, hardware and plastic molds, sports equipment, and gifts, and more.
– Quality Control: Conducted by ISO9001-2008 SGS IAF, etc.
– Applications: Auto, motorcycle, industry, agriculture, mine, furniture, elevator, etc.
– Machining Equipment: CNC turning lathe, Full automatic lathe, Stamping Lathes, Milling/Grinding machine, Drilling/Boring/Honing machine, Planer, Line cutting, Ultrasonic cleaning machine, and other advanced production equipment.
– File Format: Auto CAD, PRO-E, Ug, Solid Work, Catia, etc.
– Service: Warm and quick response service provided by the professional Export Sales Team with many years’ experience in handling exports to the US, Europe, Japan, and other countries and regions.
– Inspection: IQC, IPQC, FQC, QA

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