Injection Plastic Mould White Small Delrin POM Gear Wheels


Type: Injection Plastic Mould White Small Delrin POM Gear Wheels
Application: Engineering
Certification: CE, Test Report ISO9001:2008
Condition: New
Product Name: Small Plastic Ring Gear Rack
Color: White and You Like
Customization: Available|Customized Request

Injection Plastic Mould White Small Delrin POM Gear Wheels

This product is an injection plastic mould made from white Delrin POM material. It is a small gear wheel used in engineering applications. The gear wheel is designed to be durable and wear-resistant, making it suitable for various industrial uses. The product has been certified with CE and ISO9001:2008, ensuring its quality and reliability. It is brand new and in excellent condition.

Product Description

The injection plastic mould white small Delrin POM gear wheels are made from a high-density, high-crystalline, and linear polymer called POM, also known as Polyformaldehyde. POM is a type of engineering plastic that is often referred to as “Plastic Steel” due to its excellent performance characteristics. It exhibits properties such as wear-resistance, high hardness, chemical stability, dimensional stability, and isolation resistance. These gear wheels are commonly used in automobile industries, electronic and electric products, commodity manufacturing, pipeline & fittings, and precision apparatus. They can be used as a replacement for bronze, zinc, tin, and other metals.

POM-H and POM-C are two variations of POM material. POM-H is a copolymer of POM and ethylene oxide, which enhances its high crystalline structure, mechanical strength, and rigidity. On the other hand, POM-C has a lower melting point, temperature stability, fluxion characteristic, and machining capability. POM-H+PTFE, which is made from Delrin POM Resin mixed with Teflon fiber, has low friction coefficient, good lubrication, wear-resistance, and non-creepage resistance.

Product Specifications

Name Injection Plastic Mould White Small Delrin POM Gear Wheels
Material POM/ As you like
Color White, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, etc. Any color is available
Advantage One stop procurement
Diameter 5-200mm, or customized
Density 1.6g/cm2
Size Customized as per your requirements
Price Factory price offered
OEM/ODM Customers provide design or photo or we create design according to customers’ requirements
Certification ISO9001, SGS, FDA, RoHS, Test Report, etc.
Free Sample Yes
Shape Sheet, rod, tube, gear, pulley, guide rail, etc.
Leading Time 2 days for sample; 7 days for production
Payment PayPal, Escrow, Western Union, Money Gram, T/T, and cash payment
Packing Plastic bags, Cartons, Wooden case, Pallet, Container, etc.
Other 24 hours instant and comfortable customer service. Shipping status notification during delivery. Regular notification of new styles and hot selling styles


The injection plastic mould white small Delrin POM gear wheels find applications in various industries:

  • Automobile Industries: These gear wheels are commonly used in car manufacturing due to their high mechanical strength, hardness, wear-resistance, and low friction coefficient. They can replace coppery half stalks and planet gears, resulting in cost savings and improved service life. They can be used in engine fuel systems, hose valves, case covers of radiators, cooling fluid standby cases, water valves, oil box covers, pump impellers, gasification machine shells, and accelerator pedals.
  • Electronic and Electric Industries: The gear wheels are widely used in electronic and electric industries due to their low power consumption, high dielectric strength, insulation resistance, and electronic arc resistance. They can be used in electronic spanners, electronic scissors, coal drilling machine shells, switch handles, and various electronic devices such as phones, recorders, televisions, computers, calculators, and more.
  • Agricultural Machine: These gear wheels