High Quality OEM Plastic Gear Rack UHMW-PE Gear Rack


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**High Quality OEM Plastic Gear Rack UHMW-PE Gear Rack**

**Product Description**

The High Quality OEM Plastic Gear Rack UHMW-PE Gear Rack is a durable and versatile product used in various applications. It is commonly used in motors, electric cars, motorcycles, machinery, marine equipment, toys, agricultural machinery, cars, and domestic appliances.

**Features and Benefits**

– Hardened tooth surface for increased durability
– External gear position for easy installation
– Manufacturing method: cut gear
– Toothed portion shape: spur gear
– Material: POM/Delrin
– Customization available

**Product Use**

The High Quality OEM Plastic Gear Rack UHMW-PE Gear Rack is suitable for linear motion applications. It provides excellent sliding properties, even without lubrication. It has good thermal mechanical bearing strength and chemical resistance. It is highly wear-resistant and rigid, yet lightweight.

**Installation and Maintenance**

To install the gear rack, follow the provided drawings or samples. The gear rack can be custom made according to your specific requirements.

To maintain the gear rack, regular cleaning and inspection are recommended. If any damage or wear is detected, the gear rack can be replaced easily.

**Company’s Other Products**

In addition to the High Quality OEM Plastic Gear Rack UHMW-PE Gear Rack, EVER-POWER GROUP offers a wide range of plastic gears for industrial use. These include plastic spur gears, plastic helical gears, plastic worm gears, plastic bevel gears, plastic pinion gears, plastic nylon gears, plastic transmission gears, plastic sprocket gears, plastic wheel gears, plastic injection gears, plastic ring gears, and plastic rack gears.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. We welcome customers to contact us for customizations based on their drawings or samples.


1. Can the High Quality OEM Plastic Gear Rack UHMW-PE Gear Rack be produced without drawings?
– Yes, we can produce the gear rack based on the samples provided.

2. How can I customize plastic parts?
– Customization can be done according to drawings.

3. Can I make a sample for testing first?
– Yes, you can make a sample for testing purposes.

4. How long is the proofing cycle?
– The proofing cycle is typically 2-5 days.

5. What certifications or qualifications does your company have?
– Our company holds certifications such as ISO, Rohs, and product patent certificates.