Engineering Plastic HDPE 1000 Gear Wheels


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Engineering Plastic HDPE 1000 Gear Wheels

Our Engineering Plastic HDPE 1000 Gear Wheels are made from PE material and are available in various sizes, according to your drawings or samples. The gear wheels come in different colors such as white, black, green, yellow, blue, and red. They are manufactured using CNC lathe technology.

The HDPE 1000 gear wheels are known for their exceptional performance and competitive price. They are made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE), which has an average molecular weight of more than 9.0 million. This engineering plastic offers high wear resistance, good chemical resistance, low-temperature resistance, self-lubrication, and high-impact resistance.

Main Characteristics of HDPE 1000 Gear Wheels:

1. Very high wear resistance, seven times more resistant than steel and four times more resistant than PTFE.
2. Very high impact resistance, two times more impact resistant than PC and five times more impact resistant than ABS.
3. Good self-lubrication, comparable to PTFE and better than steel and brass with added lubricating oil.
4. Good anti-corrosion resistance, with stable chemical properties that can withstand the corrosion of various corrosive media and organic solvents.
5. Very high inadhesion resistance, preventing other materials from sticking to the surface.
6. Very high impact resistance, ten times more impact resistant than PA66 and eight times more impact resistant than PTFE.
7. Good low-temperature resistance, maintaining its properties even in liquefied nitrogen at -196ºC.
8. Non-toxic and clean, suitable for use in food and medicine fields, approved by the FDA and USDA.

Product Specifications:

Property Item No. Unit Value
Mechanical Properties 1 Density g/cm3 0.94-0.96
2 Average molecular weight g/mol More than 9.0 million
3 Tensile strength (23ºC in air) MPa 22
4 Breaking strength MPa 42
5 Tensile strain at break % 600
6 Charpy impact strength (notched) mJ/mm2 No break
7 Ball indentation hardness N/mm2 42
8 Shore D hardness D65
9 Abrading (sand slurry experiment) 100

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