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Product Description

The Bevel Gear Set is a high-quality gear used in various applications such as motors, electric cars, motorcycles, machinery, marine equipment, toys, agricultural machinery, and cars. It features a hardened tooth surface for increased durability. The gear position is internal, and it is manufactured using the cast gear method. The toothed portion shape is a bevel wheel. The material used for this gear is stainless steel.

Common Uses and Advantages

– The Bevel Gear Set is commonly used in motors, electric cars, and other machinery for efficient power transmission.
– It provides smooth and low-noise power transmission between non-parallel shafts at almost any angle or speed.
– The hardened tooth surface ensures long-lasting performance and increased resistance to wear.
– The internal gear position allows for compact designs and efficient power transmission.
– The bevel wheel shape provides superior torque transfer and load-bearing capabilities.

Materials and Installation

The Bevel Gear Set is made from high-quality stainless steel, which offers excellent strength and corrosion resistance. It can be installed using standard gear installation procedures, ensuring proper alignment and meshing with other gears in the system. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the gear.

Maintenance and Repair

To maintain the performance of the Bevel Gear Set, regular inspection and lubrication are recommended. Periodically check for signs of wear or damage, such as chipped or worn teeth, and replace the gear if necessary. Lubricate the gear according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure smooth operation and minimize friction. In the event of damage or failure, consult a professional for repair or replacement.


1. How do I know if my Bevel Gear Set needs replacement?
– Inspect the gear for signs of wear or damage, such as chipped or worn teeth. If the gear is not functioning properly or causing excessive noise, it may need replacement.

2. Can the Bevel Gear Set be used in marine applications?
– Yes, the stainless steel material used in the gear makes it suitable for marine environments where corrosion resistance is required.

3. Can the Bevel Gear Set be customized to fit specific applications?
– Yes, we offer customization services based on customer’s drawings or samples. Contact us for further details.

4. How often should I lubricate the Bevel Gear Set?
– It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for lubrication intervals. Regular lubrication will ensure smooth operation and prolonged gear life.

5. Does the Bevel Gear Set come with a warranty?
– Please contact our customer service for information regarding warranties and product guarantees.

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